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„Both sides of the story" 

Friederike Kuhnt is getting started as a physician but also pushes her career as a musician.

Back to the roots:  on December 13th Friederike Kuhnt plays a concert in the church Heiliggeistkirche in Wittstock. The reason is her 30th birthday. Today „Freddie K.“ lives in Berlin. But she undertook her first musical steps in Wittstock. MAZ-editor Björn Wagener talked to her about how Friederike Kuhnt turned to „Freddie K.“ 

MAZ: In 2001 you released „Coinneal“, a CD without commercial background. The MAZ reported on that in those days. When and why did music then become serious though and Friederike Kuhnt turn to Freddie K.?

Friederike Kuhnt: Using the convenient path to success I would have had to give up a great big deal of myself. That's why I decided to go to college instead of signing a record deal ten years ago. That did however not mean, that I didn´t want to reach public with Coinneal.  Music carries me. Music has up till today stayed without a commercial desire in so far as I won't let anybody tell me, what I've got to do.  But I still perform my songs my way and I don't conform to any duties because of financial matters.  Nevertheless, or is it because of that (?) I have always received a great deal of appreciation from my audience. „Freddie K.“ developed during the last years aiming to blend family, college and my musical career. The name „Coinneal“ is very lyrical and nice but I often have to spell it and many just fear pronouncing it. Freddie is, on the other hand, easy to say.  Moreover, I was always called so. In cooperation with my partner I evolved a concept, to promote my music using a reasonable expenditure. Like many other independent musicians, I use the internet as a platform and therefore created an attractive website.  Coinneal is after all the name of my musical project.

Years ago, you did Celtic studies.  Even then you predicted that you would probably not earn a living with that.  Where and how does Freddie K. live today? Has music stayed a hobby or do you play for a living?

Kuhnt: Today my family and I live in Berlin. I am preparing for my final exams as a medical doctor and will soon get started working as a physician. My music will, hopefully, supply a compensation for that sometimes stressful job. But somehow music and medicine seem to be only two different ways to express my love for life and the living. In fact, I am just working on a CD-project uniting both.  It's called „Pulcrum contra morbium“: medieval music and ironic lyrics... My latest album „Wintersonnenwende“ was recorded in a small studio in 2007. It is selling so well, that I find it hard to produce enough issues.  Because of that, I am starting an own label: Groove & Land.  This label ought to secure my musical independence and take over all the work I simply cannot do by the side as a musician.  Moreover, I want to open my label Groove & Land for other musicians, that have similar ideas like I. Coinneal is the Irish-gaelic term for candle, symbolising warmth and light. Groove & Land are technical terms often used during video productions. I feel this represents a good separation of tasks.  By the way, my first DVD „Wintersonnenwende“ will be coming out before Christmas. If you want to, you can now take my music home to watch.

Has your music changed over the years?

Kuhnt: Of course. It is a mirror of my soul and my soul has, hopefully, developed a little!  I think my style has become clearer.  My CD Coinneal often surprised people because of its diversity.  Today my music is more homogeneous.

Have you reached all your musical aims?

Kuhnt: No, that would be terrible. It is not time to die yet...Each and every day I explore new dimensions and horizons in music.  This year, I handcrafted my own wire harp, for instance.  Its enchanting sound gives me many new possibilities of expression, but also challenges... Visualising my songs has been a great experience, as well.  During the production of my first video clips, I had so many ideas. I would love to produce an unplugged DVD „Coinneal“ one day.

You are an experienced singer and musician. Does stage fright still play a role and does it make a difference for you to perform „at home“ (I mean in the area of Wittstock) compared to concerts in Berlin or elsewhere?

Kuhnt: Stage fright has never really been a problem for me.  I simply enjoy performing, especially in my old hometown.  It feels so good to see all those familiar faces in the audience.  This gives me a wonderfull feeling of welcome.  On the other side, I have to admitt that the world around me usually disappears as soon as I start playing.



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