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Irish folk, gospel, pop, ancient norse and medieval music - that's COINNEAL, my musical project
this ancient Celtic bosom jewellery is the model for the label of my CD Winter Solstice

Welcome on the official website of Freddie K. 

and her artistic project COINNEAL

my Clairseach, 27 wired strings, cherry body

Coinneal - irish / gaelic: candle.  Music that shines.


The music of Freddie K.

18th September 2021, 5:00 PM

Kulturpalast Passow 

Schwedter Str. 11

D-16306 Passow


Download 1650 x 2335 

much informations 

about Ireland and several

hot deals  of voyages

Posing at the ancient Monestary of Chorin during TV recordings
Download 1650 x 2335 

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