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Publications of Freddie K.s artistic project Coinneal, also about Tight Junctions, Claudin 2, Inflammatory Mediators, ancient Irish divorce rights and Welsh poems
this ancient Celtic jewellery reminds on my celtic studies at Bonn, Germany

Regulation of the Gene Expression of the Tight Junction Protein Claudin 2 by Inflammatory Mediators  

Benjamin Franklin Course of Lectures 2004/2005 

PDF 159 KB  

Whithout Any Tear  

in Dost, Wolfgang: Virtuti, veritati, humanitati: 135 years high school of Wittstock. Edition Rieger 2004

PDF 10,5 KB 

What Connects Beethoven, Waltz And Yellow Submarine? 

Benjamin Franklin Course of Lectures 2002/2003, S. 25 - 33

PDF 516 KB 


(German) Berlin 2002. 

The Folk Harp 

Bonn 2001. FKmedia


Early Welsh Gnomic Poems

(German translation) Bonn 2001

PDF 340 KB 

Comparison of Ancient Nordic And Acient Irish Divorce Rights 

(German) Bonn 2000. 

PDF 179 KB

Problem of Ethnic Identity by Example of The Early Celts 

(German) Bonn 2000.

PDF 409 KB

Drug Legalization 

Atlanta 1997, with W. Templin 

How do myths affect people in society 

Atlanta 1997, with N. Moye

PDF 44,1 KB



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