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Archive of Freddie K. and her musical project coinneal (irish-gaelic for candle)
this ancient Celtic jewellery is an inspiration for my music

Coverage about me started with the following article in the MAZ newspaper. I have not noticed everything, collected even less, but here you can find a small selection.

Freddie K. was nominated for the German Rock & Pop Award

Freddie K.: "I've chosen my song Avalon" (MAZ)    


Mussorgky gave a hand

New songs and ballades (MAZ)    


From gentle to hard

An unbelievable concert in a steel mill (MAZ)    


Celtic soul and brand new lyrics

Freddie K enjoyed political uncorrectness (MAZ)    


First music, then nothing for a while

Freddie K.: "I really like bass" (MAZ)    

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Off to Atlanta at the end of August

Band "STAIRS" Singer Freddie K. says goodbye for a while  (MAZ)   

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"I simply let my music flow"

 Freddie K. just recorded a brand new CD, but not for profit.  

MAZ Newspaper March 24. 2001

"Casting-shows make it clear"

Freddie K. wants to stay independent from showbiz 

An interview with h-sf TV channel   

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Harp sounds and bonfires

 "Coinneal" inspired with a concert in Hennigsdorf 

(Generalanzeiger, 11-17-2008)  

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A visit from down under

Coinneal in concert with Naked Raven (Australia), 

Interview of Freddie K. with Naked Raven, a report for Prignitz TV  

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IN CONCERT: From J.S. Bach to Po

Church organ, harp, vocal 

and a visible organist

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The organ players fingers in close view

Church filled up to the last seat

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Both sides of the story

An interview by MAZ Newspaper (Märkische Allgemeine)

with Freddie K.  (12-6-2008)

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Winter Solstice

Freddie K. in concert   (Wochenspiegel 10.12.2008)

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Winter Solstice live in concert

Freddie K. sings at Bad Wilsnack's Cathedral  (MAZ 12-13-2008)


Winter Solstice

In concert in Berlin (Berliner Abendblatt  12-27-2008)


The candle is burning in a gallery

Singer Freddie K. live at Dahlhausen  (MAZ 20.02.2009)


Good vibrations in spite of AC blackout

Freddie K. had full house in Dahlhausen 


About our sense of smell

A not really serious talk on FRITZ radio


A musical midsummer night's dream

Freddie K. with new and well known songs at "Sonntagscafé" Jabel  (12.06.2009)


A song to the anniversary 

Freddie K. on stage at 625th anniversary of Rühstädt  (Kyritzer Tageblatt 24.07.2009)


From Mozart to pop on the harp

Freddie K. on July, 25th at Rühstädt  (Wochenspiegel 15.07.2009)


A concert with obstacles

An evening with Freddie K. inspired the audience  (MAZ 25.05.2010)


Fascination of an old town

A Pilgrim's Journey To Bad Wilsnack with Freddie K.  (Kyritzer Tageblatt 06.08.2010)


A pilgrim's journey

Freddie K. performs at the church of St. Nicolai (Märkische Allgemeine 10.08.2010)



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