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Celtic harp, bodhran, hurdy-gurdy, but also piano and e-bass: Freddie K.s musical project COINNEAL
this ancient Celtic jewellery is an inspiration for my music

"For as long as I can remember, music has been an integral part of my everyday life. It stands in line with meals, sleep and other natural needs. 

Through my music I am able to express the awe I feel confronting this world, I can ask questions and give answers. 

My music carries me, connects me with other people, isolates me. I can neither hold it back nor force it out - it flows whenever it chooses. Then I feel myself turning into an instrument, I light up and burn. "

*  *  *

"Why do I play music? I am surely addicted to all those endorphines that are set free in my body. Making music brings people together, but I also enjoy it all by myself. 

Music captures me - away from reality to the places of my dreams. I can relax and find strength for new conquests… 

During concerts, I often feel something hitting me like a wave, taking my breath away. Afterwards people from the audience tell me about the same feeling. Music is magic." 

*  *  *

"Whenever I notice my children are getting rather tired and whiny, we sing a song and dance together. This usually saves the situation, unless they are really hungry..."


I sing, I write songs, I compose and arrange. Irish Folk and Pop, but also Gospel, old norse and classical music. Generally, I named my style Celtic Soul. Most of my songs are in English, some in German.
My instruments are the celtic harp and the piano, but I also play the church organ, hurdy-gurdy, recorder, bagpipes and others.
If you want to find out more about me, read the interviews on the press page.



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Lord's Prayer


God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen




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