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COINNEAL,  the name of my musical project and also of one of my DVD's
this ancient Celtic bosom jewellery would be pretty obstructive on stage, but is inspiration for my music
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In concert at Wredenhagen, Germany, click to enlarge The Community Bibel Church Gospel Choir Stockbridge (Atlanta), click to enlarge recording organ track of Tao from DVD Coinneal

In concert with 

Naked Raven

featuring the church choir of Stockbridge

at the Church Organ of St. Mary's

Listening to the accapella recording of Ave Maria
recording Ave Maria

live in concert at

Bad Wilsnack

Photo shooting for a CD cover

Monestary of Chorin red and hot: my Kawasaki motorbike (but my piano is from Yamaha)

Photo shooting for a CD Cover

from DVD Winter- sonnenwende


pure adrenaline: a break during recordings

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